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ITI Skates

The ITI All Purpose Skates, made from recycled plastic, are environmentally friendly, lightweight and easy to use.  ITI Skates will not rot and are oil & grease resistant.  The compression and shear strength is greater than wood.  The use of this recycled material gives the ITI Skate a superior wear resistance.


The ITI Skate  was originally designed to help the towing and recovery operator off load a car carrier/flatbed. No longer do you need to shake or lubricate the bed in order to get a locked vehicle unloaded.

The skates can also be used on any firm surface.  If a front wheel drive vehicle is pulled into a parking space against the curb with no keys, just tap the skates under the front tires (heel to the rear), now with the skates installed, tow the vehicle from the rear to an area where the front is accessible. ITI Skates work well moving machinery, sheds, trailers (tongues) and more. An All Purpose Skate or a Machinery Skate installed under the trailer hitch or tailpipe when loading or unloading, eliminates blacktop and carrier gouging.  Skates protect the carrier bed when used on burn-outs and hulk vehicles.  Just put skates as needed between the lowest part of the vehicle and the carrier bed. 

ITI Skates are great for moving machinery and furniture too!

ITI Skates can ramp onto ITI Machinery Skates when needed. Just place one upside down

with the heel against the object you are ramping to. The best way is to use the ITI ramps the

CCRU or the CCRL, for bullnose or straight edge beds. The bed lowers onto the ramp and

allows for a change in angle for loading and extra slide when unloading.


ITI Skates were designed for rough use they can and will take the abuse!

Place the toe of the Skate against the tire you want to move.

Hit the heel with a 6 lb. or heavier sledge hammer

Just a few blows and the ITI Skate is under the tire, replacing the tire surface which results in a major reduction in resistance.   Actual tests have shown as much as a 2/3 reduction.

Install ITI Skates with the heel in the direction you want the object to move. The area in front of the heel acts as a cradle for the object.  The vehicle should be in park or the brake applied or the tire may roll over the heel.

When you encounter a vehicle with wheels turned left or right, install 2 ITI skates parallel with the vehicle, one skate 2 to 3 inches forward of the other, or use the ITI Big & Tall Skate  The new taller & wider skate helps elimate the rollover! The vehicle will follow the path of the skates.


To remove ITI skates you can tap the skate heel side to side until it dislodges.  If the vehicle will move, roll it off the skate. If you are picking up the skate end with a wheelift, turn the skate 90 degrees to the tire and pick up vehicle using normal procedure.  Retrieve skate after lifting vehicle.


 The ring handle is not for pulling on the skate.  It is for carrying/ storing purposes only.   ** Make sure when unloading a car carrier/Flatbed that the winch line is connected at all times.  The skates may cause the vehicle to unload more quickly and uncontrolled than with other procedures. 

Keep all personnel clear of the work area - especially to the rear. (Maintain a proper safety zone)